Thank you for your interest in the Solar and Energy Loan Fund. We encourage all contractors to apply to become a SELF approved contractor, as there are many benefits involved, such as sales growth, training, and co-marketing opportunities. In order to apply to be on our Approved Contractor List, please print one of the Contractor Application and Acknowledgements under “Resources”.

If you are applying to become either a Residential Only or a Residential and Commercial Contractor, please read, complete, and sign the Participating Contractor Application and Acknowledgment packet.

If you are applying to become a Commercial Only Contractor/Vendor, please read, complete, and sign the PACE Contractor & Vendor Application and Acknowledgment packet.

Please Include all licensing, certifications, and insurance, and mail the completed packet to the P.O. Box address listed on the forms, or email to the listed email address on the application. We look forward to receiving your application