Apply for Pace


Please review, complete, and sign the “Application Form” and include all requested documents.

• You may fill out the complete on-line Application by downloading the PDF files: PACE Application PDF;

• You can also mail or deliver your completed Application and supporting documents to:

2400 Rhode Island Ave, Fort Pierce, FL 34950

• Applications and documents can also be emailed in PDF format to or uploaded to the SELF website at:;

• All applications are processed upon receipt. Incomplete or incorrect applications cannot be processed. Resubmitted applications are processed upon the new receipt date;

• After submitting an application online, you will receive an email response from a SELF PACE representative within 24 hours. If not, please call 772-468-1818 to make sure the application properly submitted;

• Application, approval and execution of a Financing Agreement are required before any financing is available. Sample contract documents and requirements for St. Lucie County’s Residential PACE program can be reviewed online at;

• Please keep a copy of your completed Application and all documents, receipts, and paid invoices; and,

• For any questions you may have regarding the status of your Application, please call Tel. # (772) 468-1818 or email the PACE Representative at:


Reasons we will return the Application:

• Any of the Application Requirements items are incomplete or missing.

• The applicant owes more on the Property than the current assessed value.

• Applicant’s total Qualifying Improvements exceed the net equity in the Property.

• Customer has late payments on any mortgages.

• Customer has filed for bankruptcy in the last 3 years.

• Property is subject of a pending or imminent eminent domain action, environmental litigation or other cause of action affecting the value of the Assessed Property.

• Property Owner has judgments pending that could result in a lien against the property.